You Too Can Become an Author..."What's Your Story?"

Some simple words of advice for aspiring authors...

After reading any of my books, you will note that there are usually some questions without answers ... I like it that way!

Not unlike those that have come before me and those that will surely follow, I write at will, nothing really contrived. My subjects and my thoughts on the same are simply written ... "As I see them".

Of course I do have favorite topics, don't we all? I love to write of real life - people with their trials and triumphs - beauty and love. All of this will usually be found surrounded by musical lyrics both tried and true and of something bright and new.

Most of all ~ "I write for you!"
♥ ♪ ♫ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♫ ♪ ♥
For without "you"...there would be no need to ever sharpen my pencil again.

I consider this writing thing that I do a privilege - a gift from God - if you will.

As I have traveled from one book event to another, the most common expression that seems to be voiced by event attendees is; "I should write a book, I could write so much about my life, etc., etc...."

My response is always the same; "Why don't you?"

Everybody has a story to write. Whether it be your memoirs, something to pass on to generations yet to come or a story that you long to spin - do it - yes, do it now!

I have sat and chatted with young and old alike. My message to those "older" folks with so very much stored in that wonderful computer that God has given each of us (our brain) is to write down your thoughts and memories as they surface. It can encompass a life-time, a career, a stint in the military, a special person in your life or maybe your favorite vacation. Whether it be a word, a sentence or a chapter, get it down now. You'll be surprised at how quickly that brain will hunt and find - the rest of the story.

To the younger folks - "the kids" - my best advice is to keep a journal. As we walk through this world, the experiences continue to manifest, day by day, year by year.

Grab a pen or head for that keyboard - start writing ASAP - you will not regret it - I promise!

Curt Erler is a proud member of the Society of Professional Journalists