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Curt ~ I finished your book (“No Hand to Hold”). If I didn’t know I would think my younger years were mirrored. I liked the fact that I could visualize walking under a certain viaduct, or music coming from a blues club, it's personal. A very visual book. thanks for sharing your mind with your public. 'Not too happy until I took charge of my own life and made so many wonderful school friends and complete strangers who took me under their wings. I did give a five star to Amazon. It was a wonderful story. Now I still have “Mantilla Lady” to read so get those writer's juices flowing.

Your friend Barbara Matson-Nytko


 I did not know “Author Erler” before this read. I do now!

“No Hand To Hold” is a compelling and heart-warming story. So much to actually digest in one reading. So, I shall read it one more time. Congrat’s to you Curt.

D. Winchell



Mr Erler has a wonderful gift with the way he writes a story

By Milner62 on March 7, 2015

Format: Paperback

This was a tender and touching read and there is a real beauty and magic to be found within these pages. Mr Erler has a wonderful gift with the way he writes a story. The reader will be taken on a very heartfelt journey and one that has many dark and light landscapes. Faith and Courage are two great friends to have, and young Stonie has both by his side along the way.
It's a 5 stars read ***** and I look forward to reading more by this talented author.


“Hello Mr. Erler,

I received your most recent book and read it cover to cover.
To say it was inspirational does not begin to touch the surface of what it did to me.
I wish words exist that can express how this book touched me.
You have a gift.
I cannot begin to say thank you for even considering me.
I do not feel worthy to share the pages with Stonie.
It is a truly undeserved treat, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
This really means a lot to me.


Bishoy Said, MD
Eye Physician and Surgeon


Hey Pappy, l love you so much and I hope you feel much better.

I wanted to talk to you about the book..."No Hand To Hold" I'm loving it so far. Where did you learn to write? I'm on part one and the chapter called "View From A Fire Escape". You should give yourself a pat on the back. That's all I wanted to ask you, so I love you A LOT and I hope you feel better. Please say hi to Nanny and tell her I love her A LOT too.

Love, Dawson



While reading this book, I thought what a great legacy you're leaving for your grandchildren.




This review is from: No Hand To Hold: The Infinite Journey (Kindle Edition)

***** Excellent reading, October 4, 2014

 I applaud author Curt Erler for his excellent story telling. No Hand To Hold touches the heart, but being from Chicago, I also enjoy the storyline taking place in familiar places.


"What a wonderful way to share concern for those in need. I loved ‘NO HAND TO HOLD’ and will recommend it to all my friends as a 'must read'. Compassion and commitment define the mission baggage we all should carry. We should not be afraid to confront the realities of those in need and commit our concern for a positive result as we learn from Stonie and the ghost of his grandfather. Stonie's sensitivity, his story from teen to young man is so well developed in this book with stream of conscious and poetic insight. Thank you for sharing Stonie's story with us, Curt. May your writing help make this world a better place."

Patricia Daly-Lipe


 "When will I get to read another book of yours?"

 Violet Jurich



Oh, I have finished the book. It ended just the way I thought it would. Loved It.
You are a great writer! 

I needed to say more about your book. I really loved to see the names of places in the book. They brought back memories that I would never have had.
Also you have a lot of spirituality through the book that makes me know that you have separated spirituality from religion.
I have learned who you are and what you are about through your writings.