Through the eyes and ears of a dying, or maybe dead, Will Douglas, the author's brisk, upbeat style begs that age old question. Are you Heaven bound? 

This story takes place in a strange and mysterious old house ~ "Baker House". The cast of characters, hundreds of lost souls are trapped indefinitely in this supernatural structure. So many weary souls are present, all wondering; "Why am I imprisoned here, how long will I stay?"

Written in a straight-forward and simple manner without a lot of religious driven verbiage, the author weaves a rather curious eye opener. You’re strictly on your own with his light hearted, humorous and introspective views of that “Great Beyond".

In the chapter - “An Empty Room ~ Yet So Crowded“- you'll meet many folks trying to find their way. Hopefully, you will find these souls heart lifting - peaceful and inspiring. This effort is intended to heighten the reader’s awareness and offer a window into the varied circumstances in which we all live and die. This diverse cast of characters are preparing for and anticipating God’s final call. Some will linger in their doubts as they wait for that last train. Most will pray and wait. A few, through God's miraculous powers - will travel right before your eyes!

The mix of stories reflects a tapestry of life, some rather unsavory, others, purely inspirational. All are sure to touch your heart. Some characters are complex, others as simple as Mom's apple pie. There'll be visions of angels and demons, dreams and nightmares, fear and doubt, faith and prayers and tears of joy. All the while you'll hear the sound of Angels singing! As you read, you may just find yourself asking: "What will ‘Joan of Arc’ be wearing?”

ISBN 1-432-4473-1