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From Richard Moran
I grew up in Ravenswood at the same time you were growing up on the southside. Loved Mantilla Lady and Southside Kid. How about a sequel to Southside Kid, now that the statute of limitations will protect your friends (if they were like some of mine) ?

"Hi there! Have 42 pages left to read of Mantilla Lady-so excited! Almost tempted to skip to the end,but I won't. Is the lovely lady 'YOUR KATHY? - Violet Jurich"


5.0 out of 5 stars Do yourself a favor!, September 11, 2008
This review is from: Mantilla Lady: Visits Baseball's Purgatory (Paperback)

"Once upon a time in America - a half century ago - long before big box warehouse stores, cell phones, video games and instant replays from every conceivable angle,
people 'got together', and baseball was the Great American Pastime. People huddled around radios between classes at school and at the barber shops after school to hear the latest, especially at world series time.
The "bigs" were one thing, but minor league and semi-pro teams were more real to many, partially because they were more accessible. Those rosters were full of everyday people from all walks of life.
Inner-city 'hoods and small towns were dotted with mom and pop local businesses representing all of the great many cultures that have created and maintained this great land of opportunity.
A time when Mantillas, veils, guimpes, coifs, coronets and scarves on women were not at all uncommon, and Catholic Nuns were seen out and about in full dress.

This is the rich setting L. Curt Erler (The Southside Kid) whips up in 'Mantilla Lady', and it is as tasty as a chocolate bar of the day - many of which are presented within - and the culinary delicacies
he details throughout.

The thing is, this isn't exactly a baseball book at all. It's about infatuation and love; awesome respect for Catholic Clergy and friendship, in addition to and mixed in with the great game of baseball.
It's about Sinatra; it's what Buck Ram, Johnny Mercer, Steve Allen, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Edith Piaf, Gordon Jenkins , Charles Brown and so many others wrote about, and sang about.
The more imaginative can even hear other songs in their head during the read. Amongst others, I heard Gordon Lightfoot singing "Rainy Day People."
This book is for music lovers, for sandlot players everywhere - past and present - for those who love the Catholic faith (even if not Catholic). It's for those who appreciate cross country tales,
for those who appreciate and long for the multi-cultured 1950s of America; and for those who simply love and enjoy life!

Man, do yourself a favor and steal home - pick this one up and relish a treat as refreshing and rare as an inside-the-park home run, from a story teller unlike any who came before him. - William E. Deibert"


5.0 out of 5 stars A Story Of L-O-V-E, March 7, 2009
Milner62 "Bristol Kid" (England, UK)
This review is from: Mantilla Lady: Visits Baseball's Purgatory (Paperback)
If you think about life and the emotions that we all find along our way then this book is shouting them from the rooftops. Friendship, loyalty, respect, honor and L-O-V-E. Music seems to flow with each turn of the page, taking you right into a scene. It is easy to close your eyes and almost touch,smell and imagine you are right there amongst the action.
Reading this book left me with a warm glow and that is down to the great writing once again by Mr Erler.
This is a story for anyone that has a dream and BELIEVES!