Curt's Background and "Story"

Curt grew up on Chicago’s southside in the Avalon Park area. His family owned and operated “Cash Erler Photos” on East 83rd St. for thirty years.

Curt had six brothers and one sister. The Erler family can boast the fact that there were six veterans among the boys (Curt served in the U.S. Army). Two of Curt's brothers became disabled veterans. Curt’s father, Cash Erler, served in WWI and was loaned to Canada’s “Royal Flying Corps” where he taught Aerial Photography.

Curt married Kathleen Roberts, a St. Thomas Aquinas graduate, in 1960. In February of 1962, Curt was drafted into the U.S. Army. At this time Kathy was expecting their first child. As it turned out Curt was fortunate enough to be stationed in Central California. The family of three lived in Paso Robles until 1964. Soon after, Curt joined the corporate world where he had a successful career as a marketing manager for two large corporations. As an adventurer and business executive, Curt has traveled extensively.

It would be unfair not to mention that Curt’s mother was one of the finest “moms” ever!

"Some folks ask me about my life before my books. This is lightheartedly summed up this way...

As I say in one of my books;

'Yeah, this Southside Kid with the ninth-grade degree has had a ball...biplanes, Learjets, and all...and has met some pretty neat folks along the way.'

For me - the thought of writing came after a bout with cancer and some serious surgery. God was good to me - he had something more for me to do.

After spending 25+ years in a corporate environment and writing what I needed to write, a certain mental revelation struck me. 'Write what you want to write and start writing - now.'... I'm so glad that I did!

To me...there is an exhilarating feeling as I write and as my story unfolds. It is always seems extremely important to me to write what's really in my gut.

If you are a music lover as I are sure to note some old familiar lines as well as some brand new. I believe that every life deserves a little music...don't you?

It is truly a privilege to have you stop by. We hope that you enjoy your visit.

I would be remiss if I didn't offer my extreme gratitude to all of the readers worldwide who have honored me with their acceptance of my works to date. Thank you all for the many emails and comments on my writings. After all - these are the real rewards for any author."

Curt's interests include; record collecting, gourmet cooking, writing fiction, poetry and musical lyrics. Curt is an avid baseball and hockey fan.

Here's a quick take on Curt's feelings .... 

Excerpt below from Curt's latest title: No Hand To Hold

With the night breezes picking up and more snow blowing in my face…I hear the icy branches above as they rattle against each other. Just ahead...there’s a soft blinking of fireflies dancing in the night air. I whisper to myself; “Fireflies in the snow?”

As I walk away from this sad and mystifying place I begin to daydream and talk to myself about things that could be. They just haven’t happened yet…maybe in the future!

Once again as I have experienced many times…I seem to have a second shadow.

It appears at random times and at random venues. Some have been repetitive venues others just once. ‘Just wondering…is there some meaning to this? Could there be a message in these moments? Is this some lost image of myself from another time… maybe another life? Have I changed places with another Stonie?

No sooner do I ask myself…I hear a quiet whisper once again:

“Stonie…you are on a mission.”

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Curt Erler is a proud member of the Society of Professional Journalists

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